Artwork „Nibiru auf japanischer Flagge“ anlässlich des Atomunglücks 2011

Planet X.

X=Eris (Amerika)
X=Nibiru (Sumerer)
X=Der Zerstörer (Ägypten)
X=Hercolubus (Griechen)

On YouTube we can find a huge mass of videos, which spread a diffuse cloud of knowledge. You can find a selection of those on my YouTubeChannel.

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Brian Eno – „The Big Ship“
Nibiru orbits a dark star (brown dwarf) which is itself the (dark) sun of 5 planets. The 6th planet is an earth-sized „homeworld“ of – in sumerian legend – the Annunaki, – in apocryphical texts (book of enoch) – the Nephilim. The 7th planet/object of this solar system is named Nibiru. It’s mostly inhabitable and acts more as a battle station. (source: YouTube – „Nasa & Nibiru & 2012“)

In fact, NASA says, that the whole meme „Nibiru“ is a hoax. (source: But in 2005 they identified an object with red spectral color in the Kuiper belt (outer region of our solar system) in a distance of 96.6 AU to the sun as a dwarf planet (like Pluto is) and named it „Eris“. Its astronomical symbol is the „Eye of Providence“ („Auge der Vorhersehung“). (source:

We shouldn’t claim on the actual actions taking place right now are caused by a planet named Nibiru, that may come out of an other dimension or however. In fact, a planet with this name does NOT exist in nowaday’s astronomical science. But may this meme help you to imagine and understand what our global ancestors like the maya ending calender on 12/21/12, sumerian’s Nibiru, egyptian, indian vedas and apoglyphic texts of the christanity with their archetypical transmissions of Noah’s Flood (die Sintflut), the Doomsday (Das Jüngste Gericht), and many more want to tell us: there seems to be a much bigger interstellar cycle than only days and years (which only concerns our solar system) that brings us the following actions on our only home world again and again.

Many and various information about Nibiru, the Sumer history about Annunaki in pictures, different predicts by Maya, Inca, Samoa, Hopi, Islam, Buddhism, etc, you can find on But take time, there is a huge mass of texts inside there, even not all in harmony with each other, but only seems to be mixed informations about 2012.


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