Die Sintflut (The Big Flood)

Click on the pictures will provide a much higher (printing) quality. Witt/Heppner – „Die Flut“ _____________________________________________________________________________ Jahre vergingen, und viele … Mehr

Wassermann Zeitalter (Age of Aquarius)

Brian Eno – „Spirits Drifting“ _____________________________________________________________________________ Die Erdachse rotiert innerhalb eines etwa 26.000-jährigen Zyklus (exakter: 25.865 Jahre) um 360°. Nord- … Mehr


I will post new articles, pictures and sound in a continuous way that allow the reader to get through the … Mehr

Hello World!

artwork provided by nasa.gov Jackie DeShannon – „What The World Needs Now Is Love“ _____________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to my new blog. … Mehr

Coming sooon:

The solar storm survival guide for free download over here. As you may have heard by now, NASA has now … Mehr